Big Board Update: Rafa still has a job Rafa Wasn’t Fired In Time

Well kids, when you’re right 52 per cent of the time, you’re wrong 48 per cent of the time. Rafa Benitez still has his job at Madrid, though it has looked tenuous. Rafa Benitez has been fired, but not before Christmas as I suspected.

Rafa Benitez will be sacked at Madrid by Christmas 2015 David W. Keen June 2015 INCORRECT

y thinking was that Madrid wants Zinedine Zidane to take over as manager, much the same way Manchester United want Ryan Giggs in the position long-term, but that they can’t risk giving Zidane the job with no experience and risk him failing in his first effort. On the flip side, Madrid don’t particularly want to let him leave to get his managerial experience elsewhere and not have him available when they’re good and ready for him.

big boardSo, how can you get Zizou is the role with no risk? Hire a man with a big enough reputation that it’s not completely laughable that you’ve hired him, but one who’s surely going to blow the job quick enough that you can bring in Zidane as an interim, thereby giving him the needed experience, but without the taint of failure if it goes wrong. Enter: Rafa Benitez.

Convoluted? Yes. Crazy? Possibly. Incorrect? Well, we’ll see. Yes, I was wrong about the timing, but Rafa’s job is anything but safe, and if Zidane is eventually brought in as interim until summer, I won’t consider myself too far off base.


Rafa has been fired and Zidane has been installed as manager.


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