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Liam Neeson, How did this happen?

neeson-taken3Liam Neeson, despite being a seemingly warm, gentle soul, has convinced the world he can be an action hero. Who is buying this, and how did it happen?

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I hate movies, or why I can’t wait for Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice

If you ask me, there aren’t many good movies made these days, so when a brilliant director decides to take on an iconic novelist’s material, I get excited.

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You should be listening to Serial

Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee

Serial tells the story of Hae Min Lee’s murder and the murky details surrounding the arrest and conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. It is a deeply engrossing example of the benefits of long-form journalism and podcasts as a medium.

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Bill Simmons and his uneasy return to ESPN

bill simmonsThe three week suspension levied against Bill Simmons by ESPN that had his fans and many journalism observers in an uproar, is over. How will the situation play out from here?

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Seinfeld, 25 years later

seinfeld cast

The Seinfeld Chronicles made its debut 25 years ago on July 5, 1989. Few things or people, let alone TV shows, have influenced my life as much as Seinfeld did, so I felt it was necessary to take a step back and dedicate a few words in the show’s honour.

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In Defense of Pretension

Fewer things in this world give me greater pleasure than hearing intelligent people talk about their passions. The more artistic their endeavor, the more enjoyable the discussion, and realizing this made me question: Since this is the case, how did pretension become such a pejorative term? 

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The Wire: Institutions and the Individuals They’re Failing

the-wireThe Wire is more than just the greatest television show ever made, it’s also a treatise on the effects unregulated capitalism has on the institutions that were created to protect us.

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