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David Foster Wallace as Religious Experience

David Foster Wallace
Over the last couple of weeks I have become obsessed with David Foster Wallace. I have consumed two of his non-fictions books of essays and watched and listened to countless interviews of and about him. I have waded into the beautifully enveloping world that is Infinite Jest and in two short weeks I have had my life changed.

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Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets

homicide-yearHomicide: A Year on the Killing Streets is a 1991 book written by David Simon, whom I hope to god you’re familiar with as the creator of the television series The Wire.

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I hate movies, or why I can’t wait for Inherent Vice

Inherent Vice

If you ask me, there aren’t many good movies made these days, so when a brilliant director decides to take on an iconic novelist’s material, I get excited.

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Chuck Klosterman


Chuck Klosterman is a writer and author who just thinks about the world differently from the rest of us. He has the wonderful ability to take a topic and completely change your point of view of it.

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