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How Mad Men should end

With only five episodes remaining of the best television show ever, it’s time to accept that things are wrapping up quickly. Here are the things I hope to see as Mad Men comes to an end.

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Mad Men: The Best Show Ever and the importance of sticking the landing


As Mad Men prepares for its final run of shows, it’s impossible not to examine its place in the canon of great television and the unfortunate importance of how a show ends.

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Seinfeld, 25 years later

seinfeld cast

The Seinfeld Chronicles made its debut 25 years ago on July 5, 1989. Few things or people, let alone TV shows, have influenced my life as much as Seinfeld did, so I felt it was necessary to take a step back and dedicate a few words in the show’s honour.

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Dead Show Walking

walkingdeadThe Walking Dead‘s creativity seems to be waning while its ratings continue to soar. What happened to one of TV’s best second-tier shows, and what does it mean for television?

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