Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus' Golf My Way was originally published in 1974. It has since been updated and has sold over two million copies worldwide.


ack in 2004, at the age of 20, I decided that I was going to begin taking golf seriously. I had started playing golf when I was around eight years old, but as I grew older it was rare that I would make it onto a course more than a handful of times a summer. My thinking was that as my friends and I were getting older it was getting more and more difficult to organize regular opportunities to play team sports. Golf, on the other hand, was a sport I could play with only a few friends or even by myself if required.

Also, I was keenly aware of the predilection older men have to the sport and  so I figured it was only a matter of time before I started playing it more regularly anyways — I might as well spend time honing my skills sooner rather than later.

This decision led to the purchase of new clubs, which I accumulated over the course of the next two years and I made an effort to play more often — at least three times a week. Naturally, as golf requires consistent time dedicated to it, I began to see an improvement in my game.

But, it was the purchase of Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus that most dramatically changed my game. Golf My Way is Nicklaus’s personal thoughts and feelings about the game of golf and how he approaches it. It’s simply written, it doesn’t rely on gimmicky tips and it does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals of golf.

One of my favourite sections deals with the cause and effect nature of ball spin and how to control it. Many people, especially beginning golfers, will struggle with a slice or hook but not truly understand what they’re doing to create these problems, let alone be able to identify and correct them. Nicklaus plainly and succinctly explains some of the causes of common problems and, at least for me, makes you think about parts of the game in ways you never have.

Anyone thinking about getting into golf or taking golf more seriously should consider first reading this book. It deals with every facet of playing golf and doesn’t offer any quick-fix band-aids. Simply put, reading this book will make you a better golfer before you even pick up a club.

Golf My Way 
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